Cake and Flowers – Through my Looking Glass – 06 Aug 2011

This episode of “Through my Looking Glass” we explore, great coffee, a red cake and plenty garlic. And I must not forget to mention a super day had with the George.

Kelso went to visit his Gran, and although we miss the madness, the quietness is quite soothing.

We spent the greater part of our morning at Wolves Cafe in Illovo. George sat and coded and I spent my time looking through a view finder. I sat and watched people quite alot.

It is amazing how different we all and the ways in which many human’s operate is quite fascinating to say the least. And one very pleasing observation, Fashion is now “anything goes”. For sure, there are the uber trendy folk, but I didn’t see one flock of sheep and that for me means that we are starting to allow people to be themselves in all their glory. Sort of, but high five to that any ways!

Stay warm, fill your hearts with everything they desire and have a great week end. Tomorrow we are off to Arts on Main for pancakes. HMMMM.


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One thought on “Cake and Flowers – Through my Looking Glass – 06 Aug 2011

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