Pancakes, Ginger and Crazy Birds – Through my Looking Glass – 31 July 2011

Welcome to July’s only episode of “Through My Looking Glass”. I noticed that I have not take the time out to have a moment to just be, click and enjoy.

This time round it was a more personal look through my viewfinder. It was a day out with special friends, Daune and Sue. Now there was a time we solved the world problems (and eachother’s) over some creamy Java every morning. These days it is only Sue and I, but the chats have become fewer as the craziness has elevated itself to unreasonable levels.

We lunched at Arts on Main in Jozi City Centre. I fell in love the first time I went there. It has the most incredible vibe, the people who hang out there are friendly and anything goes. Imagine sharing a lunch table with about 6 people you have never met. I spent far too much money, ate too much, but laughed and loved the company.

Thanks to the special ladies that made my day a memorable one!

I wish all a great week filled with sweet surprises.


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3 thoughts on “Pancakes, Ginger and Crazy Birds – Through my Looking Glass – 31 July 2011

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