Randomness – July 2011

One of my favorite things to do is watch people. I like to observe them, inspect and sometimes, on the rare occasion, even listen to them. One of the things I like to get is opinions, we are always entitled to them.

What I find most interesting is people’s opinion’s on photography. What is photography? We all have opinions on what makes a good photograph and what makes a bad one. Some think if the subject is not dead centre, that is a no no, others believe in the rule of Thirds, others like bold colours, some like no colour, the criteria is endless. The trends also seem to change quite frequently and with that the criteria does too.

So this is my opinion. It is subjective. It is someone’s art form and there is something out there for everyone. I don’t think anyone should put anyone else’s work down. It is an expression of how they see the world, it is an interpretation and for many, it is a memory, it is something that someone can look back at after years and it can spark emotion, a smile, a tear or just a warm feeling. We should encourage those with talent to see where it can go and not put it down. Criticism is awesome if constructive and for me, tips are always welcome.

I am also of the opinion that you can make pictures out of anything. I believe the rules are there to be broken. I like headless people, images of limbs and shadows and I like a good sun flair. I want the image to start creating a story in the viewers head about what it is, who is in the image, why does it look like that. I like it off centre, and sometimes I like colour and sometimes I don’t.

My wish is for those who have a passion to pursue it, to go out there and make the most of it and have fun while doing it.

Keep warm and have all the love surround you!


Some Images of Randomness and fun, with no reason or meaning. Just having a good time.

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