Mountainous Meander – 29 June 2011

What a trip of soulful splendor. I took a drive to KZN to collect Kelso a little early. the early departure did not take place due to some funky lights on the dash that needed to be seen to before I embarked on such a journey. I ended up on the road by 8am.

My mission was to drive through the Drakensberg and stop at some random small places and photograph some randomness. I didn’t find too much of that. There was no shortage of bad road and I learnt that this kind of trip needs some planning of sorts. Or atleast some general direction and a knowing of where to go. Small towns are so small, you can miss them if you don’t know where you are going.

A highlight for me was not only the most breathtaking Sterkfontein Dam, but a church in Warden. The most amazingly beautiful building in the dust.

I will make this mission again, a mission with cheesy music, tasty treats and a map.

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One thought on “Mountainous Meander – 29 June 2011

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