Soulful Splendor – 19 June 2011

I write this in July. It is about 9 days short of a month later. Not sure where all the time has been. But this was a day that was all about me. It was father’s day and I got to spend it treating myself to a day of good food, a good movie and some real random 2nd hand buys.
It has been so crazy busy at work that I jumped at the opportunity to just be. To be Candice and do what pleases me the most, mission around and spend money! The greatest highlight of my day was finding an old radio that reminded me of visits to the farm with my father. when I saw the radio, It was like looking back in time. Except this one in much better condition. It was day that reminded me why this place is so awesome. All the drama aside, we live in a crazy country, so diverse and interesting and do easy to pick up a bargain.
I could go on in detail, but I will let the images tell the story of the day!
I wish everyone a wonderful week end further. Love to everyone.

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One thought on “Soulful Splendor – 19 June 2011

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