Mini Humans and Ducks – 12 June 2011

Gosh, where do I begin. What an amazing week end. This time not so much through my looking glass! I took so few photo’s this week end because I decided to interact without a camera in front of me. It was a week end of Mini Humans, soon to be Mini Humans, Get-together’s and random meetings at parks.

I never considered myself to be a “child person”. For sure I have my own, and until him, I looked at small people and wondered why some people would actually pay to have them. Not like there is anything wrong with them, I just could not understand why people would willingly put up with poo, puke and tantrums, nevermind pay to put up with it. But I get it now. With all the Poo, Puke and Tantrums, there are smiles, sillyness and unconditional love that cannot be matched with anything – it is that unconditional.

I was privileged enough to watch 2 girls interact with one another yesterday. Very different to what I am used to. (I say this with the sounds of explosions coming from the lounge as Kelso makes one robot kill the other one.) Where was I? Oh Yes, Girls – Cat fight… love… cat fight… love… dolls… bags… cat fight… love…. Girls seem to have this love hate relationship with each other, I found that incredibly amusing because I never realized it started so early. Women love to hate each other. We are Best friends and worst enemies, often at the same time, all through life and can never get enough of the drama. I enjoyed them immensely, I got to nurse a sick doll back to health, wipe it’s nose and build a puzzle out of piece of a broken polystyrene cup. And all this at a baby shower, hanging out with only women. It was bliss. Such a change from the normal routine.

Today I held someone else’s baby, also out of my normal routine, but just couldn’t resist (What is happening to me?) – Thanks Kate, for not freaking out when I held your 4 month old in the air just to get him to smile at me – hahaha. I forget that babies aren’t as study as 3 year olds and you actually shouldn’t toss them in the air. But what a delightful little guy. And his brother is such a darling. Kelso really enjoyed having someone to show off his skills to. His climbing skills, sword-fighting skills, his list is endless. And of course I would say that, my child the most talented genius.

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