Jack Frost at Sunrise – Through My looking glass – 04 June 2011

Welcome to this insert of “Through My looking Glass”. I would say it is “this week’s exciting episode”, but it seems something called work has been consuming my life of late and getting in the way of things I really want to be doing. So weekly blogging seems to be close to impossible. It is, however, a necessary evil, without which, I wouldn’t be able to support my habit that is photography. And I say habit because it is  like a fix of fun, it calms the nerves and if I don’t do it often enough, I suffer some serious withdrawals.
This morning, 04 June 2011, I did the unthinkable. I woke up at 5am on a Saturday morning, got out of a warm bed, layered the clothes, remembered I owned leg warmers – High Five (Who the hell owns leg warmers though? – but RARA warm legs) and headed out the door at 5:30am into a 2 degree draft outside all in aid of meeting some fellow photographers at 6am at Emmerentia Dam.
Being Blind on a good day, it was dark and I had no idea who was actually there. I was happy to hear a familiar voice that I had heard on a previous photowalk and it was a lovely surprise. it is so wonderful when you meet nice people and then you get to see them again and connect a little more! I was also fortunate enough to meet some other nice people and I hope to be seeing them again soon. It is amazing how a common habit can make you feel like you went to different schools together. Usually a shy introvert, I never imagined I would volunteer to hang out with people I don’t know and I am so happy I do these days. I would like to thank the intarwebz for making my world a little smaller.
My highlight was running after ducks to get them to fly in the water with Leanne and trying to figure out the impossible – how the hell do you avoid a shadow when the sun is rising behind you. If anyone has the answer to this question, please get in contact with me! 🙂
And after some frost, slushy mud, good conversation and a few images…. We parted ways and I met my Alien and his Dad for a late breakfast at Clear water mall. The plans to go to Maropeng today cancelled due to lack of interest – save that for another time.
I wish everyone a wonderful week end further, stay warm and happy sync-ing with the greater cosmic harmony. This is Candice Peetz Signing off!
Ps. For anyone interested – check out http://photocomment.net/ – interesting reads – support the movement, support the habit!

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2 thoughts on “Jack Frost at Sunrise – Through My looking glass – 04 June 2011

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