Bow-Ties and Dragons – Chinatown – Through My Looking Glass – 21 May 2011

>Welcome to another exciting episode of ‘Through My Looking Glass’. It is a little cold this evening, so be sure to warm yourselves up with something warm to drink and some comforting food. I believe winter is fat free, so go wild. Where was I? Yes, Chinatown. Another wonderful day spent with the joburg photowalkers. An afternoon of history of what once was the 1st ‘Chinatown’ in Joburg.

The walk was was lead by Ufrieda Ho, author of Paper Sons & Daughters, a memoir of her childhood growing up as the child of an immigrant during the years of apartheid. She shared a few pieces from her book and I am so excited to get myself a copy. What she did mention, that I did find strange is that FaFi is still played. R2 means something to some. A reality hit home there. To me, R2 is what I make sure I have for a car guard, R5 if I have. To someone that makes a difference. Think again before you complain about coins in your purses. Perhaps make that donation. To those who don’t know what FaFi is – Read this – too much to type: FaFi. It is also still Illegal.

We met at Sci-Bono – what a super place – if you have kids, boys in particular, it makes for a super outing. And a seller for me – they sell Cuppachino! First stop was “Swallows Inn” for the most amazing lunch. Swallows in is apparently the oldest restaurant in the area and the food was awesome and the people who worked there so friendly. You cannot take photographers anywhere…. Food was photographed before it was eaten and it is the only time people are considerate and willing to wait while you get the perfect angle of the crispy beef. After I was ready to be rolled out of there from over eating, we explored the area a little. It is quite sad that there is not much left of place. Just a quiet street with a few shops.

Miss Josephine also joined the walk, but I will let her tell her own story.

I want to end this with a few words from Petula Clark, she has been singing to me all evening, but her words are awesome:

Don’t hang around
And let your problems surround you
There are movie shows downtown
Maybe you know
Some little places to go to
Where they never close downtown

Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle bossanova
You’ll be dancing with ’em too before the night is overHappy again 

Hope you are all happy and in sync with the greater cosmic harmony. This is Candice Peetz signing off, till next time, be good, be safe, be loved!

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