The Love of My Life – Kelso Reese – Part 2 (And the lens)

Kelso is again blog worthy, as always, but I thought I should share the new shots of my blog worthy son taken with my new blog worthy 50mm lens.

In Kelso’s life, every day there is something different and every day he is in character. He has been Sam Flynn from ‘Tron’ for the past few weeks and the soundtrack has worked its way into his playtime.  He has now even taken a liking to being photographed and everytime he hears the click sound, he runs to me, shouting, “Let me see”.

Sometimes when I feel like I am being thrown a curve ball and of late, it seems to be one after the next, I am constantly finding myself searching for the reset button. And in all this madness, sadness and frustration, I take one look at a photo’s I have of Kelso and know that home time always comes and my little Alien Robot will put a big smile on my face before the sun hides itself. And there I find my reset button. As someone once told me, the rest is just “white noise”. A statement I think I will carry around with me to remind myself of the important things that make my world an awesome place.

So here a few shots taken with my new lens and my new willing and most beautiful person to photograph. The images feature his disk, his helmet and his light-cycle!

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