Buddha’s and Rusty Diamonds – Through my Looking Glass – 27 April 2011

Oh look, she is blogging again. Seems like forever since I put fingers to keys and words on a screen. Well the wait is over, you can all breath again. Welcome to this week’s episode of ‘Through my looking glass’. This week we explore the ins and outs of temples, tin cups, junk en “Vrot Vis”.

I spent my freedom day (or at least I think it was freedom day) photowalking. Or rather photo road tripping. By the time I got home I noticed I had driven almost 300km there and back. I sit and I chuckle at the words “freedom day”… Freedom day seems to hold more than one meaning! A Candice Day. ūüôā A day for me and a day for others. Sharing is Caring.

The morning started at Doppio for breakfast with myself. Then when the rest of the gang arrived it was the looong drive to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple.¬†What¬†a¬†beauty,¬†Kelso¬†took¬†one¬†look¬†at¬†the¬†images¬†and¬†asked me I went to Panda’s (Kung Fu Panda) house. Suddenly it seems like I was not bordering a Boerewors Curtain! After some crazy wide angle big nose photo’s by Craig, (what a laugh. You never think you look ridiculous until you see a photo like that of yourself) ahem… we headed to Culinan. A long potholed drive. Luckily I had some Joy Division Playing loudly to keep me company.

A¬†little¬†world¬†within¬†the¬†world.¬†I¬†kept¬†on¬†thinking¬†I¬†was¬†in¬†the¬†Freestate. Yet I was so far removed. We had lunch at some pub like place. I won’t even pretend I know the name because it would be a total lie. Being a little unsure of my surroundings and judging a place by the look of the menu, I opted for meat free and totally thankful for my decision to not go for the fishy fish (Die Vrot Vis)

Blew¬†that¬†popstand and headed off to what is probably the main road there, where all the action happens. A road of tin cups, Potty’s, old sinks and plates. There was a lot of appealing junk there. And a barn place that knocked my socks off!

The last stop was Sammy Marks. Sammy marks has some amazing old outbuildings that make for some rather interesting images. The photowalkers scavenged off a Wedding couple creative shoot and it was very much a highlight.

So in short after the 500 000 words, I can say that this day out made my heart sing and I look forward to another exciting adventure of photowalking with amazing company, many laughs and good fun!

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of ‘Through my looking Glass’. Scenes from the next episode may feature miss Josephine and the Travelling shoes. Little Miss still needs to hop in the handbag and explore the world as little pink pig did before it became a fluffy toddler chew toy.

May your days be filled with love, happiness, sugar, spice and many many blessings! This is Candice Peetz, signing off!!

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2 thoughts on “Buddha’s and Rusty Diamonds – Through my Looking Glass – 27 April 2011

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