Barbie and the Robot Revolution – 12 April 2011

I really cannot resist figurines and toys. It saddens me that every time I open a Kinder-egg, the toys inside leave so much to be desired. What happened to the smurfs? What happened to the toys that you had to put together? And why on earth do you only get spinning tops that make you go squint just from looking at them. Could it be the recession? Or could it be that mediocrity is celebrated and given a high five because no one really cares anymore about good quality things because…. I will stop there because this is not intended to offend anyone!! *insert sweet smile* 🙂

Kelso’s love for figurines has opened up many doors for me, firstly because he has such amazingly expensive taste for the good stuff, but also because his Dad satisfies all his little desires so I have lots to play with and photograph…

The Gothic barbie is a Begoth doll. A little gem found in a random gift store. I really wish I got more. But when I got her, I didn’t think photographing toys would be a favourite pass-time.  Her name is Ivana Scream. I believe she is a 4th generation Begoth. I do stand to be corrected. She used to stand on my desk at work, but children who accompanied their parents to work, always wanted to take her clothes off and Ivana is just not into that. She likes her leather coat and big black boots to be on her, and not lying on the floor.

The robots are only a few of the many that Kelso owns. Below is Astro Boy, Blue Core, Red Core and then another one with a name I cannot remember. It could have been beeglebog for all I know. They are all in character and the Blue core always wins. In the movie, “Astro boy”, the Blue Core is the positive energy and the Red Core is the destructive negative energy. Astro Boy is powered by the Blue Core energy and so they fight the red core together. It has the most wonderful message in there. A must see. It really is. Just shows that negativity is so last season. It is a wonder that some of the most fashionable buy into it. *ahem* where was I?

And last but not least, I need to introduce you all to “Mommy”. If Kelso asks for Mommy and he isn’t asking for me, he is asking for the hot blonde in the leather outfit (do they really make these toys for children?). He enjoys nothing more than taking her hands off, and I quite enjoy getting her to pose for me. She is part of the Action Man collection I think.

Before I get too deep and go on about what could be perceived as “pie in the sky” nonsense, because I am in the mood to write some… this is Candice Peetz, signing off!

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