Exhibitionists and Dirty Rascals – 10 April 2011

It is Sunday evening and I cannot believe this week end is over. Where the heck did it go? We have been to Durban and back and spent the day out in Joburg all in 3 days. The orb button broke, so there has been alot of driving, sleeping and walking in these past few days. It has been wonderful and so heart broken that it is back to “life as we know it” tomorrow. I guess the nice thing about Monday’s is that you get to appreciate the week end just gone and the time spent with family and friends.

George was pleased that we got to have our usual Saturday europa breakfast on a Sunday. Since Kelso was away, we visited less child friendly places, but missed the nice coffee and good health breakfast. After that was a swing swing and then a drive down town. Kelso had an absolute ball. my little city slicker. Behaved so well and shook his little tail like it was the last time he ever could, he did run into some wire which resulted in tears and early exit though. =D. He really liked Arts on Main too. He was well excited to see grass and dogs.

Today was the opening of the Joburg Photowalkers Exhibition at 12 Decades hotel. ALOT of work has gone into this exhibition and well done to all the people involved. It was well executed and every single image up on those walls were spectacular. Such amazing images on display and I sincerely hope that each photographer is proud of the work produced. I know I am.

Background to the title – George said to Kelso “Mommy is an exhibitionist”, Kelso responded – “hehehe, Mommy is a dirty Rascal”.

I hope whoever gets to read this had a great week end and I wish all a wonderful week ahead. Until next time, this is Candice Peetz, signing off!
over…. and…. out!!

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2 thoughts on “Exhibitionists and Dirty Rascals – 10 April 2011

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