Grand day Out – Through the looking Glass – 26 March 2011

And so ends an amazing week end of food, frilly frocks and a few lines of Code (George’s First Love – I always maintain that the biggest threats in our relationship is assembler and excel!!). He was so excited that I agreed he take his laptop to elevenfortyfive for breakfast this morning, He could eat, code and drink Latte’s, thats all a nerd really needs it seems!! =D.

But this photo diary does not include our morning. But rather our day out yesterday. When Kelso is away, we try cram a month of activity into just one day. It is awesome, but we are generally on our way home by 19:00 and ready for bed. The day started off slow, I even got to take about 30 minutes to just get the hair do together and got to stand and pout for the mirror for another 30. Kelso really keeps us in line it seems.

The day started for the late breakfast (I believe it is otherwise known as Brunch – hehehe) at Wolves Cafe in Illovo. What a delightful little place. Little trinkets and things on the wall, some art and very friendly staff. I think we have decided you get the best latte’s there. Well the resident expert believes this is so. I struggle to tell the difference between a Latte and Cuppachinno (see I can’t even spell the one). And the honey mustard sandwich on Olive Ciabatta comes HIGHLY recommended.

After that it was over spending at Sowearto Kids (Kelso is the proud owner of a Brown Stoney Ginger Beer T) and The Space – I am now the owner of the most beautiful frock there is. They are sharp though. This dress I tried on a few weeks back and thought, if it was meant to be, it would be there when I was done at the movies.. SHOCK HORROR, the one and only black size 34 piece of lace and poofyness was sold. Go in a few weeks later, and look at that… the ONLY black size 34 piece of lace and poofyness. It was “A SIGN THAT I HAD TO HAVE IT”. And I know I will fit into the dress a few months down the line because I won’t be eating again for a while. Luckily Kelso is a meaty little chap too! hehe

Onwards and upwards, we went to see a movie called “Another Year”. I didn’t know what the point of the movie was, but it was entertaining.

And then the beef with paprika and peanuts at Cranks. That place makes my heart sing sweet songs of love and happiness. The Singha beer left me dozing off in the car though. Apparently I’m a cheap date and a poor drinker. Must be why I gave it up as a waste of time!

And after all that fun of eating, drinking and laughing, I sit here typing this and waiting in anticipation for Kelso to get home.

So there is my story and now for a visual….

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