The Love of My Life – Kelso Reese

I felt that my favourite person in the whole world is blog worthy. Meet my son, Kelso Reese Keogh, AKA, Astro Boy, Metro Man, Megamind, Ben 10, Alien Robot and the list goes on. He was born 10 December 2007 and recently blew out 3 candles on his birthday cake.

Being a mother wasn’t on my “things to do before I die” list. But because life is like an impromptu production, he came in scene 26 and he has been my inspiration, my love and my little pork pie. He has taught me to see fun in the small things, the beauty in the simple things and above all, I am a lot more patient – hahaha – sometimes, More so then before at any rate. I have learnt the value of sleep and I still miss it, if I ever took sleep in’s for granted, I don’t anymore. I sit and think of all the all nighter parties and ask myself every day why I didn’t rather sleep and bottle it all up. I think Kelso’s philosophy is that he will sleep when he is dead, too much to do, too much to say and life is too short for lazing around. =D

He has given my life some sort of meaning and he has proven to be the best company when I am out of sorts. Climbing into his crazy world for just a little while leaves me laughing like I have never laughed before. His imagination is wild, his ways are silly and I just LOVE him. He is also my favourite person to photograph, this little boy inspires me every day. Looking at the world through his eyes is refreshing. And I hope he never looses his adventurous spirit.

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