A little Jozi through my looking glass – February 2011

I should start off by saying, I don’t have many words to describe how much I enjoyed this walk. It was a wonderful afternoon that filled me with so much inspiration and left my heart singing. I got to be a tourist. How awesome, I have always wanted to be a tourist! The day was different than expected, but it was just amazing to see the city of Joburg through my lens and not fear for my life, although it did get a little nerve wrecking at some point.

I spent the day with some awesome people who I had only met that day. A bit unexpected of myself, seems I am not such a recluse after all. It was a day of many blessings and the Big Guy was certainly on my side.

We started off at 12 decades Hotel, I was in awe. How could such a place exist. Each room decorated with a theme in mind and each one just as amazing as the next. I was taken back by the writing in the toilet, photo is down below. After that it was to an art gallery, little market; which seemed like a different country, very trendy, arty and was alive. The streets of Jozi were interesting and I would have loved to have seen it in its heyday. Little mosaics on the side walk, little details you wouldn’t notice while walking at a fast pace. And all this beauty lay amongst the decay that is Jozi’s city centre. I felt so small at the top of the Carlton centre, Wowsers, Joburg is vast.

Thank you to the others that joined. It was pleasure meeting you all and I hope to do this again really soon. I decided that Dad and Son need more bonding time while this Mama bonds with her looking glass.

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3 thoughts on “A little Jozi through my looking glass – February 2011

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