Rosebank through the looking glass – February 2011

HMMM, Rosebank, quite possibly one of my favourite places in Joburg. I love the vibe, the diversity right down to all the old apartment buildings. I spent almost every saturday of singledom and childlessness there drinking far too much coffee, eating french toast, listening to whatever was on my ipod and writing what was on my mind. I remember the winter dress code, Skirt, stockings, leg warms and high tops and some crazy shirt with something on. Oh how I long to fit into that skirt again (:-)).

When George and I first started dating we would go usually go to Cranks in Rosebank for dinner, it became a once a week norm, never in my wildest dreams did I think Cranks, Vida-e Cafe and a Rosebank mission would become a treat, something to look forward. After Kelso was born, the visits were few and far between, but as time had gone on, George and I are getting to sit and read magazines drinking, what I believe to be the best coffee on this planet. Obrigado Vida-e cafe for your life changing Cafe Mocha’s.

This day was no different to the others. Spent the morning at elevenfortyfive having breakfast  and then the rest browsing the shops, exploring rosebank, Drinking coffee’s, reading magazines and then drinking beer and eating Vietnamese/ Thai food at Cranks. The people are Cranks are so friendly. There is a woman who works there that told us about Vietnam and what a wonderful country it is. She has a crazy dress sense and odd sense of humour, but all just makes for the experience.

I decided to create a little photo diary of the day. I always have my camera with me, but never make a point of getting every detail of it. The is Rosebank through my lense! Days like this come highly recommended.

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2 thoughts on “Rosebank through the looking glass – February 2011

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